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Every business needs content. I like the way Gary Vaynerchuk puts it - every company, no matter what industry you're in, is a media company now. You need to be putting quality stuff out for your audience all the time.

The problem with that is businesses promote quantity over quality. They hire dime-a-dozen "copywriters" who think about SEO first and storytelling second. But they don't have the industry knowledge or expertise to engage with you.

There's another problem with that: you can't afford it. Oh, sure, you can pay them. But you can tell when a writer is penning stuff they don't understand. Can you really afford that in your whitepaper,   case studies...or in your articles?

There's a reason Snapchat uses "stories". We live in a storytelling culture now - Netflix, anyone? - and your brand or business needs to tell a story too. Since I started this business, I've helped businesses both large and small do exactly that.

BOTTOM LINE: i'm a journalist first, so I understand story at a fundamental level.

And that's how I can help tell yours.


What are you looking for?

Blogs, articles and editorial

Ongoing blog content, articles, editorials and ghostwriting. If you've got something to say, I can help you say it.

Whitepapers, case studies and long-form stuff

Do you need to go deeper and explore a topic in more detail, nuance and depth? I can help.


Web and microcopy

Making a new website, rewriting one or moving to a new design? You need a quality copywriter. It's just as important as visual design!

..anything else you need!

Award submissions, speeches, EDMs, annual reports, exec. summaries and more. If you need something written, I can write it.

When you work with me, this is what you get

Someone on your level

Ten years of journalism experience had me write about every industry under the sun. I've interviewed CEOs, billionaires and start-up founders who are changing the world. 

My clients range from massive ASX-listed utility companies to among the big four accounting firms. I've written for tech, tourism, travel, hospitality and real estate.


Every piece of writing has an audience, and a purpose. It's amazing how often we can forget that.

Words are important. But knowing what you want to achieve is critical. I work with to understand clearly what that is before I pen a single sentence.

Your tone of voice

Every business is different. They should sound different, too. There's nothing worse than sounding bland - and the competition is more fierce now.

I've written for ASX200 companies, and ghostwritten for CEOs in the Australian Financial Review, Entrepreneur.com and Inc. All in your voice. Not mine.

Timely turnarounds

I'm a journalist. That means I know the meaning of a deadline. We come up with a timeline together and work to hit those milestones.


Sometimes when you hire a copywriter, they impose restrictions on you. Like...maybe you only get one round of changes. Or maybe they're just inflexible.

Not with me. I work with you until you're completely happy.


Web copy that works

Copy is often an afterthought in web design...but it's just as important as your wireframes and user flows!

My experience in UX and web design means I work alongside researchers and designers to create copy that fully integrates with the purpose of a page.


These are some of the folks I've worked with:

Aw, shucks...check out the nice things they said about me! 

Patrick is absolutely one of our best content writers: skilled at interpreting briefs and adept at creating content.
— SmartCompany
Patrick has the ability to get across complex topics to deliver clean and clear copy suited to the audience and meeting client needs.
— The Mandarin
Patrick was great to work with, meeting every deadline. Most importantly he managed to translate some complex concepts into an engaging white paper for our audience.
— Andrew Ward, founder and managing director, SelfWealth
Patrick is an exceptionally talented and self-sufficient writer. He has knocked every brief out of the park, producing fresh, engaging and succinct content across a range of topics. Highly recommended!
— Christina Peng, marketing coordinator, TryBooking

Oh hey, it's me! 

What am I smiling at? Probably an iced coffee. I really love iced coffee. 

What am I smiling at? Probably an iced coffee. I really love iced coffee. 

I started Stafford Content in 2014 when I started seeing more businesses - both big and small - have trouble saying what they wanted to say.

Since then I've worked with KPMG, the PR Group, the companies you see above and many more help write the words they need. That's because I didn't start writing "content". I started as a journalist - so I have a fundamental of how to tell stories.

I was a journalist at SmartCompany.com.au for six years and left as Deputy Editor. I led content at PwC's digital consultancy in Australia after that, and now I write digital copy at MYOB. My journalism has appeared in places like The Atlantic and Rolling Stone. 

I've helped businesses from start-ups to the largest in the ASX200 with their content and writing. 

I think I can help you, too.

Like what you see? Not sure what you need?

Let's chat!


If you're looking for someone to help you with your content, I think I can help. Let's talk things over, and don't worry - there's no obligation. I'm always happy just to chat. (I don't use your information for marketing or give it to anyone.)

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