Who am I?

Good question. My name is Patrick Stafford, and I'm a UX writer, digital copywriter, content creator, strategist and marketer from Melbourne, Australia.

I used to be a journalist (my stories have appeared in Rolling Stone, The Atlantic, VICE, SmartCompany, Crikey and more). Then I took my writing skills to help businesses craft engaging, beautiful copy. 

As a business and finance journalist for more than six years, and a professional writer for some of the world's biggest businesses for more than a decade, I know how to craft a message that will engage, convert and delight. 



Why should I trust you with my content?

Another good question. Companies like KPMG, Data Republic, Dropbox, Loud + Clear, SelfWealth and Envato, along with many more, hire me to write captivating, intelligent and engaging material.

My journalism, technology, enterprise and finance experience means I know how to craft high quality content for different audiences, whether that's:

  • A detailed whitepaper designed to explain complex topics to multiple markets

  • Ongoing blog material and ghostwriting to help build brands and convince users

  • Web and UX copy to create captivating experiences that fully integrate with the design of your website

  • Award submissions, bots, case studies, speeches, brochures and more


What can I do for you?


Shortform copy

Ongoing blog content, articles, editorials and ghostwriting. Award submissions, case studies and more. 


Longform copy

Need something with a little more depth? In-depth annual reports, whitepapers, brochures, case studies and prospectus writing. 


Web and UX copy

Making a new website, rewriting one or moving to a new design? You need a quality UX writer. It's just as important as visual design!


Content strategy

IA and beyond, I can help show you how to create content that complements your business vision.