I'm speaking at UX Australia 2018!


It's true! UX Australia is the biggest gathering for UX professionals in the country, and it's happening next month.

There will be heaps of great speakers there. Whether I'm one of them will be debatable, but if you're interested you can buy tickets here

I'm particularly interested in the talks on cultural bias in design, along with one on testing Melbourne's new trains! Along with a bunch of digital talks too!

I'll be speaking on how journalism skills can improve UX writing, based on my experience as a journalist both in a newsroom, and as a freelancer. 

Here's a sneak peek! I'd highly encourage picking up a ticket now, they're going fast. 

Journalists investigate. Journalists research. Journalists get in the muck. They’re not afraid to piss the reader off, and they’re not ones to back down from a fight. This talk delves into what you need to learn, and what you need to do, to not only create copy that jumps off the page - but to take part in the journey that gets you there.