Don't have time to blog? Get a ghostwriter! (It's cheaper than you think.)

Ooooooo, watch out for your bloooooooooooog!

Ooooooo, watch out for your bloooooooooooog!

This is the year, right? This is the one. After months of thinking about it and making plans, this is the year you're really going to start blogging and make a name for you and your brand.

Except the first deal of the year comes in. Then the next. And the next. Then it's Friday night, you're exhausted, and you need to organise a strategy session on Saturday, and then on Sunday you're just a little bit hungover to function...and then, and then...

Creating a blogging strategy for yourself, or your growing company, is difficult even when times are going well. It's often next to impossible if you're trying to get off the ground or accelerate your expansion. So why are you trying to do it yourself?

Use a ghostwriter instead.

Ah, the objections have started running through your head. I can hear them let's distill the three main ones, shall we?

Objection #1: "It's too expensive!"

It's not, really. I mean - maybe if you hired Aaron Sorkin. But hiring a quality ghostwriter can be as low as 50c per word, and remember that you only need to post a couple of times a month to make an impact.

Let's say you decide on 2x600 word blog posts a month. That's $7200 a year (you can write that off on tax) and 24 blog posts that can win you new sales. Remember, if you're a B2B business those blog posts can do a lot of work when shared within your network...

But remember, it's not just about the initial audience. It's about the consistency, and opportunities those blogs provide. You can create new content from those existing posts if you're smart.

Let's say you divide those posts into four topics, added a little custom content, then merged them into ebooks. You can create custom landing pages for those ebooks, then keep those as perpetual content. It wouldn't cost much more than the investment you had already put in!

Maybe content isn't on your mind, but it should be.

Now imagine you turn those blog posts into spoken-word videos. Then you link to the ebooks in the descriptions. Now imagine one of those videos gets some attention...

A few sales later, they've paid for themselves. Not to mention the SEO benefit you'll get just by posting consistent, rich content to your site.

Not looking so expensive now, is it?

Of course, they have to be valuable pieces of content for the reader/watcher. Which leads to the next objection...

Objection #2: "A ghostwriter doesn't understand my company."

I've spoken with a few business owners who have this fear - that an external writer just isn't close enough to the action to really get into the detail.

I get it. That's why picking the appropriate writer - one with business experience writing about your industry - comes into play. But it's also about planning.

Typically with ghostwriting clients, I'll organise an "editorial" meeting for the month ahead. We'll talk about the topics they want to write about, then we'll discuss each blog post in detail. This all happens in one session, right at the beginning of the month - and it can last for one or two hours.

From that, I go away and transcribe the interviews. Then all you need to do is read and edit the posts as they come in.

That's a two hour investment. For potentially thousands of words on your website!

Having a discussion at the start of the month and talking about your chosen topics is much easier for a lot of business owners, anyway. They're busy, and often don't necessarily have the right skills to put down on paper what they want to get across. That's where a ghostwriter's approach can not only save you time, but portray your business in a much better way - with a fresh outlook.

Objection #3: "It isn't going to be authentic."

Authenticity is everything. Your clients need to know that you sound the same in your writing, as you do in real life. That's crucial.

...which is exactly why a ghostwriter is such a good choice. Ideally, you're choosing a trained writer who understands the way people talk. They're going to be able to capture your voice and translate that in a way you possibly couldn't yourself.

A ghostwriter's approach can not only save you time, but portray your business in a much better way.

I often find business owners who try to write their own blogs - and don't necessarily have a knack for writing - come off as too pompous, or formal. They're trying to overcompensate for a lack of writing skill, and it just doesn't sound like them anymore.

Which is exactly why I use transcriptions when interviewing business owners for whom I ghostwrite. In fact, I frequently take direct quotes from those interviews and place them in blogs where they have the most impact.

A ghostwriter isn't just making up ideas. They're taking yours, and presenting them in the best way possible - what could be more authentic than that?

This is the right time of year to be thinking about this.

We're about to enter another financial year. Maybe content isn't on your mind, but it should be. Gary Vee says it best: you're a media company. Even if you aren't. If you don't have content, then you don't exist. So...start existing!