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Whether it's a simple blog post, a brochure, an annual report, or a re-write of your entire website, my experience will allow you to convey your message to a wide range of audiences in an engaging way.

My experience in freelance journalism, along with branded content and specialised material, means I understand how to broadcast complex messages to an audience in terms that are easy to understand.

But that doesn't mean your message is simplified. Whether it's a post about the new laws impacting your business, or a simple case study about how your products are benefiting your customers, I have the knowledge and experience to deliver that message in an engaging way.

My experience ranges from in-depth articles about government CMS systems, the implementation of data in SMEs, to the complexities of small business finance in Australia. Combined with my knowledge of SEO and the importance of implementing analytics and data, I have the knowledge and experience to deliver you content that doesn't dumb down, but informs while respecting the reader's intelligence.

If your content needs are as small as a blog post, or you want to sit and create a comprehensive, end-to-end content strategy - I can help.

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Sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to tell you what's really going on.

Editing is such a painful, drawn out process. But here's the problem - you're often so close to the material that you can't see the forest for the trees.

My editing service can help.

I can help you in two different ways. A simple proofreading service can show you where your spelling mistakes and other formatting issues are slowing you down.

I also offer a more in-depth editing service that can go deep and show you where the mistakes and pitfalls in your writing lie. Whether it's an annual report, a book, a series of blog posts or marketing material, my editing can pinpoint exactly where you can tighten things up.

(Note - if you're after an editor for your fiction writing, I'd go to a literary agent - that's a whole different game!)



Content is king. But for small businesses, creating rich, engaging material can be easier said than done.

That's where I can help.

If you have no idea of what you need to create with a content marketing strategy, I can consult with your business and create a strategy to achieve whatever goals you have.

This is where my extensive experience in interviewing thousands of small businesses can help. Whether you're in agriculture or selling skateboards, you need to have the right content strategy to play to your core strengths. Content is not a one-size-fits-all game. 

You need someone who recognises that. Someone who has an understanding of a wide variety of markets and can give you a strategy that will take your business to where you need to be.

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